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Design One Coil Cradle Systems


Ductformer offers a totally new concept in Coil Cradle Designs to make coil changeovers faster, simpler, and most importantly safer. Obviously, this is an under fed drop in Coil Cradle System.  On the whole it can be produced in a wide range of setups and applications for a quick change multiple Coil Payoff System.

As can be seen the simple one piece mandrel design that cradles the coil between the two Powered Roller Stations. In fact, the mandrels rotate on special heavy duty, hydraulically driven, neoprene rolls for a quiet and smooth feed payoff. Overall, the coil is completely supported across it’s width to minimize damaging the inner core of the coil.

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Each Uncoiler Station is independently driven and is as simple as turning a switch to select or change from one coil to another. Moreover, each Station can be jogged independently or automatically payoff with the Loop Control Sensors. Additionally Pneumatic Hold Down Arm is provided to assist in feeding and rewinding the coil strip into the Coil Feed System.

All in all, a coil changeover can truly be a one person operation. The one piece tubular Mandrel eliminates the handling of heavy, awkward, and dangerous shafts and End Flanges.  This sometimes requires the Flanges and Bearings to be beaten onto the Shaft or into the coil. However, with the one piece tubular Mandrel there is nothing to catch, damage or wrap around the inside core of the coil.

Furthermore, with this design, partial coils can be banded and taken off the Mandrel as simply as they are loaded.

Coil Load Sequence

11 22 33 44
55 66 77 88

The flush side design allows the Lift Truck easy access to the Mandrel. Hence there is no obstruction to prevent for maximum stability.

Equally important the outer flange weighs approximately 60 pounds and is much easier to remove and handle. The Mandrel is simply fed through the coil. The outer flange is then slipped back onto the Mandrel.

With the open wide saddle design there is no need for another person to help guide or lock in the other side. The coil and Mandrel remain steady and stable throughout the coil changeover.

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