Bending Machines

Ductformer offers various bending and folding machines to bend (brake) sheet metal out of St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. All of our machines are built alongside the automated metal fabrication systems of Custom Rollform Products.

Our line of bending (braking) machines includes the American made TDFC Power Brake. It simplifies the process of bending and folding C Style and F Style duct work.  The notch alignment strip located between the front and back segmented tooling fingers allows the operator to quickly find bend positions.

The team of design engineers and technicians at Ductformer have many decades of experience.  We design and build Duct Fabrication Machines, industrial, and special machinery automation. With our team of experts, we bring new innovative ideas with industrial quality standards to the Duct Fabrication Industry.

Our brake machines are designed specifically for duct work. This means that the expensive features you would have paid for with a conventional Press Brake System are not in the way and adding costs to the machine design. These are unnecessary and may slow you down in forming your duct work.  Please explore our bending and folding machines at the following links to learn more!

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