Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery

Sheet Metal Fabrication Machines

Ductformer makes Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery for the HVAC industry.  The types of machines include Sheet Metal Forming Machines, Rollformers for TDFC Duct Flange Connectors (C-Style and F-Style), Slip and Drive, Cleat Formers, Pittsburgh / Snap Lock Seaming, Automated Rollforming Lines, Sheet Metal Bending & Folding Machines, Edge Rollers, Sheet Metal Toggle Lock and Clinching Machines, and also Automated Duct Coil Lines.  Contact us for all your sheet metal machinery needs.


I believe you’ll find we’re large enough to handle your every production requirement, yet small enough to give every customer and job the personal attention to detail they deserve. Our slogan, “Quality Design Means Production You Can Afford,” still holds true. Price doesn’t always determine the best. We maintain a constant effort to achieve the best design, the best technology, the best equipment and the best service. Let us show you our best. It may be the best move you ever made.

CR12-TDFC Rollformer Sheet Metal Fabrication MachineryRollformers
TDFC, CR8 Series Rollformers are for duct joints, duct seams, connectors and cleats
TDFC Power Brake Sheet Metal Fabrication MachineryBending Machines
TDFC-BRAKE  are for bending / folding duct sections
Duct Coil Line Sheet Metal Fabrication MachineryDuct-Lines / Coil-Lines
Ductformer offers fully automated Duct Coil Line Systems.
Clinching MachineFastening & Clinching
Toggle Lock fastened sheet metal, replaces rivets and spot welds
Ductformer Logo Duct BeaderDuct Beader

Duct Beader is designed to bead up to 16 gauge mild steel sheets in a single pass through operation.

Special MachinesSpecial Machines
If you have a special requirement for forming and Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery, we can offer specialized solutions.
Proudly made in the U.S.A. Pittsburgh MachineUsed Machinery

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