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Second Generation Multiple Decoil System

DecoilerSecond Generation Multiple Expanding Decoiler
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Eliminates all your coil changeover problems !

Ductformer has developed a totally new concept to make your coil changeovers easier, faster and above all safer. It’s the first Multiple Expanding Mandrel Decoiler System designed specifically for the Duct Fabrication Industry.

This System not only saves you hours of load time, but eliminates the dangers and hazards associated with the handling of awkward Coil Mandrels with heavy Shafts and Flanges.

The Ductformer Multiple Expanding Mandrel Decoiler System is a very cost justifiable upgrade and can be adapted to any Coil Fed Duct Fabrication Line.

The System consists of one (1) to six (6) inline and underfed 15,000# expanding Mandrels. Each station has an independently actuated Loop Control Payoff with a Pneumatic Backup Feed Roll to assist in feeding and rewinding the coil strip. The coil can be selected and actuated directly from the main control panel.

Each Decoiler Mandrel rotates on heavy duty Timken style Roller Thrust Bearings, the same style and design used in all our heavy duty commercial Decoilers. The Coil Mandrel expands and locks onto the inside of the coil to minimize coil damage and provide a smoother quieter feed payoff. This System allows you to handle and load coils directly from an Overhead Crane or conventional Fork Truck without the use of cumbersome and dangerous Mandrels, Shafts and Flanges. I’m sure you’ll find the upgrade from a conventional Coil Cradle Mandrel System to the new Ductformer Expanding Mandrel Decoiler System will pay for itself in labor saving, reduced scrap loss, and improved finished product quality.

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