Ductformer Rollformers are built in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. alongside the Automated Metal Fabrication Systems of Custom Rollform Products Inc. The design engineers and technicians building Ductformer’s Rollforming Machines have many decades of experience with Duct Fabrication Machines, Industrial Rollforming (custom designed Rollformers), metal bending, steel coil processing, part assembly and packaging machinery automation. Ductformer takes pride in bringing new innovative manufacturing ideas with industrial quality standards to the Duct Fabrication Industry.


All our roll tooling is made on our new CNC Machining Centers and CNC Turret Lathes. Unlike our competitors, we do this at our factory where we control the quality and delivery. Our Roll Tool designs are by engineers that design the rollform tools for our industrial customers which include major appliance manufacturers, metal furniture manufacturers and industrial product companies that have purchased and are running our Custom Rollform Products machines 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. This background and knowledge in industrial rollforming are also applied to Duct Rollformers.  This results in the most robust, heavy duty and accurate Duct Rollforming Machines available today.

Concept in Machine Design

We reduce costs of our products by buying off the shelf components when and where it makes sense for us and our customers. For instance, our drive transmissions are U.S. name brand oil bath gear reduction units and all of the gears on Ductformer Duct Rollformers are “off the shelf” available nationally and internationally from industrial parts suppliers. This saves us costs in designing and building the machines and saves the customer time and money if they are ever in need of replacements. The fact that we source parts from major U.S. component suppliers means support for the parts in Ductformer’s machines by reputable companies not cheap, no name imports.

CR12-TDFC12 Station TDFC Rollformers CR14-TDFC14 Station TDFC Rollformers 
CR8-SDC Rollformer CR8-SDC Rollformers
Slip/Drive with optional Pittsburgh, Snap-Lock and Acme rolls available
CR8-CF Cleat FormerCR8-CF Single Head Cleat Former Ductformer Logo  CR8 Dual Head Cleat FormerCR8-CF-DH Dual Head Cleat Former
 Dual Head CR12-TDFC12 & 14 Station TDFC
Dual Head Rollformers
CR10-SS RollformerCR10-SS Rollformer
Standing ‘S’
CR8 Auto Feed CR8 Auto Feed Rollform System
Flat ‘S’ & Drive Cleat

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