TDFC Power Brake

The American made TDFC Power Brake is designed specifically for bending the 90° bends on rectangular duct work. It is an extremely efficient tool to use for bending straight duct joints and fittings for Full Wrapper or L-Shape Duct with TDFC style (F-Style & C-Style) flange connectors. One (1) Operator can quickly and easily slide a part into the machine and align the notches in an instant on the alignment blade located on the bending line.


A unique safety feature, the TDFC Power Brake can minimize serious injury because full clamping forces are not applied until the clamp is less then finger thickness distance from the metal to be formed. Full clamping forces are only applied when the clamp is less the ¼” from contacting the work metal.


The TDFC Power Brake requires only 110V electrical power and shop clean / dry compressed air. No special high voltage wiring or expensive hydraulic oil is required. The machine can also be easily moved around in a shop with a pallet jack or fork lift. No expensive riggers are required as would be needed with a press brake. These factors will provide significant savings to the customer during installation or when the machine must be relocated in the shop.

TDFC Power Brake

TDFC Power Brake Brochure
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