Clinching Machine

Model DFTL Clinching Machine

The Ductformer DFTL Series of Clinching Machine, made in St. Louis, MO, fastens two pieces of metal together via a Toggle Lock Fastening System. Toggle locking is the fastest and most cost-effective method to join two pieces of metal.

These are some of the benefits:
– Replace Spot Welding and Riveting
– No Heat, No Fumes, or Damage to Material Finish
– Uses Standard Shop Air
– Fasten Pre-Painted Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum and many more materials


Ductformer DFTL machines all include a low down-force safety feature which is standard and included in the price of all machines. This feature prevents serious injury by using minimal pressure on the downstroke until the punch tool is less the 1/4″ from the full contact position. If an Operator were to accidentally have a hand or finger under the punch during operation, this feature would prevent or reduce any serious injury.

The Ductformer DFTL machines use the least amount of air of any similar machine on the market. The simplicity of design also means that maintenance costs are very low. As with all of our machines most parts are off the shelf and can be purchased locally or directly from local suppliers. The Laser Light Locator is also a standard feature and included on all DFTL Clinching Machines.

Clinching Machine Brochure
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Laser light locator is also a standard feature and included on all DFTL Clinching Machines.

Clinching Machine Laser Locator

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