Fully Automatic Wrap Brake 60″ or 72″

Fully Automatic Wrap Brake 60″ or 72″

Fully Automatic Wrap Brake 60
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Ductformer’s Fully Automatic Wrap Brake 60″ or 72″ DB-60 (72) receives a part and bends the Pre-Notched and Rollformed Duct Section into either ‘L’ shape, ‘U’ shape, or Full Wrap Duct Sections. In fact, the DB-60 (72) can be installed in any manufacturer’s Duct Coil Line providing Duct Fabricators the opportunity to upgrade and modernize existing Lines.

First the Duct section enters the DB-60 Auto Brake via the entrance conveyor.  The conveyor will briefly pause allowing the Grip Feed to square and engage the part. The Grip Feed then moves the part into the bending station to the programmed distance (duct size), clamps and forms the 90° bend.  After the bend cycle the process is repeated for Full Wrap Style Duct or ejected out of the Folding Station for L-Shape Duct.

The Model DB-60 (72) incorporates the latest technology offered by name brand industrial component manufacturers.  Notably, these include PLC’s using Compact Flash Memory Backup, color Touch Screen Controls, brushless AC Vector Motion Control Drives for the part feeding, and a pressure compensated Hydraulic System.


  • Simple color Touch Screen controls
  • Part Data entry in seconds
  • Fully functional independent self-contained control system integrates into any existing Line
  • Remote or machine mounted Control Console options
  • AC Vector Motion Control Drives that are powerful and maintenance free

  • Max. Blank Length 125”
  • Min. Blank Length 12”
  • 60” (DB-60) or 72” (DB-72) MAX Width
  • Min. L-Shape Section 4 x 8
  • Min. Wrap 6” x 6”
  • Widths 44″-56″-68” TDFC 48”-60”-72” Slip & Drive
  • Cycle Time – 30 Seconds Full Wrap Duct

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