CR8-CF Cleat Former

Ductformer’s Model CR8-CF Cleat Edge Former is designed to form the Drive Cleat Flange on the end of the Duct in a single pass through operation. The Rollform Style Cleat Former can form 180º Drive Cleat Hems on Pre-Notched Blanks for use for both L-Shape or Full Wrapper Duct. Built with the quality and integrity of all our standard Rollformers, the System features an all gear drive, direct oil bath gear reduction and sealed (lube for life) bearings to provide the smoothest, quietest Rollformer on the market to date. The roll tooling is designed to form the 180° Drive Cleat hems on one edge of the pre-notched sheet metal. As the pre-cut Duct passes through the Cleat Edge Former, the System will sense the notch to form the Cleat Edges for L-shape and Full Wrapper Duct.

The Small Parts Feed for smaller Duct or Fittings comes standard on the Model CR8-CF Cleat Edge Former. Parts are clamped onto the Roller Guide and fed through the Rollformer.

As with all Ductformer Rollformers the quality of the CR8-CF Cleat Edge Former can be observed as soon as the power is turned on. The quietness while running reveals the precision workmanship and superior design to provide years of dependable service. Just like all Ductformer products, everything is American made at our plant in St. Louis, Missouri and we back up everything we sell with the quality service you deserve.

CR8-CF Cleat Edge FormerCR8-CF Cleat Former Brochure
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Cleat Form L-Duct

Drive Edge Formed L-Duct


Drive Edge Formed Wrap Duct

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