Fully Automatic Wrap Brake 60″ or 72″

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Ductformer’s AUTOBRAKE DB-60 (72) is a Fully Automatic Wrap Brake System that receives a part and bends either Full Wrap Duct or L-Sections. The DB-60 (72) can be installed in any manufacturers Duct Coil Line providing Duct Fabricators the opportunity to upgrade and modernize existing Lines. The AUTOBRAKE DB-60 (72) incorporates the latest technology offered by name brand industrial component manufacturers including: PLC technology using Compact Flash Memory Backup, color Touch Screen Operator Interface Controls, brushless AC Vector Motion Control Drives for the part feeding, and a pressure compensated Hydraulic System.


  • Simple color Touch Screen controls
  • Part Data entry in seconds
  • Fully functional independent self contained control system integrates into any existing Line
  • Remote or machine mounted Control Console options
  • AC Vector Motion Control Drives that are powerful and maintenance free

  • Max. Blank Length 125”
  • Min. Blank Length 12”
  • 60” (DB-60) or 72” (DB-72) MAX Width
  • Min. L-Shape Section 4 x 8
  • Min. Wrap 6” x 6”
  • Widths 44″-56″-68” TDFC 48”-60”-72” Slip & Drive
  • Cycle Time – 30 Seconds Full Wrap Duct

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