Duct Coil Line Systems

Duct Coil Line System Compact Cut-To-Length Line
Model #CR6018

Coil Cut to Length  

The compact design and heavy duty construction makes this our most popular HVAC Coil Line system. The Programmable Feed handles materials 26 to 18 gauge, 60” wide. Our wide range of Drives, Controls and applications assures you will get the dependability and accuracy you expect from a quality System.

Coil Cut to Length All of our Straighteners have one (1) set of Pinch Rolls, five (5) Straightener Rolls & a Pinch Bead Roll. The same Straightener can be configured for either an overfeed or underfeed payoff application. The Straightener features an All Gear Drive (no Chain), Heavy Duty Spindles running off heavy duty Anti-Friction Roller Bearing. The Pinch Rolls are gear driven top to bottom with Pneumatic Clamping. The Pneumatic Clamping allows you to disengage the Pinch Rolls to re-align the strip when feeding in a new coil. It also eliminates tracking problems when backing the strip out of the Straightener. The upper Straightener Rolls are adjustable from a single Handwheel setting with a Micrometer readout for the carious materials to be run. The Straightener Roll settings are also a Direct Gear Drive eliminating the problem associated with other Roller Chain & Sprocket Applications.

The Bead Rolls are larger than most Systems which would eliminate the Center Bead Washout found on other Systems.

Ductformer’s Vee Notch & End Notch Dies are designed for both TDFC & “S” & Drive Cleat Applications. The Hydraulic Press Die Units are quality Die Post & Pin construction designed for years of service & ease of maintenance. All Die Tooling is made of quality high chrome tool steel. The positioning of the Die is through Lead Screws & Handwheels with Micrometer Read Outs. The Hydraulic Shear is a Gib Style Cut-Off with a heavy-duty all steel construction. Shear Blades are interchangeable with four (4) cutting edges per Blade. Notching

The Model CR6018 is our most popular system to bead, notch & shear Ductwork for HVAC Applications from 5’ wide coils of 18 gauge. We offer Systems up to 72” wide with gauge ranges from 26 to 12 gauge capacity.

The quality compact design & heavy-duty construction of the Ductformer Cut-To-Length System assures you will get years of dependable service & accuracy unsurpassed on any HVAC Coil Line to date. All Feed Controls use the latest State-of-the-Art Technology in Programmable Microprocessors & Feed Control Drives. This System eliminates all the mechanical shifting, clutches, brakes, etc. found in other Systems.


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