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Below is a list of HVAC machinery that we currently have in stock that is ready for immediate shipping.  We also do have used machinery that is available for immediate shipping that can be viewed on our Used Machines page.  If the machine that you are looking for is not listed below, please contact us by phone at 314.894.3903 or by email at Sales@Ductformer.com.


Duct BeaderBeader Profile


Duct Beader

Qty in stock: 3

Ductformer’s New Sheet Beader is designed to bead up to 16 gauge mild steel sheets in a single pass through operation. The simplistic yet heavy duty design will make this machine a staple of any sheet metal shop for many years to come.


  • Adjustable Depth Beads on 12” Centers
  • Smooth, Quiet & Dependable Operation
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • All Gear Drive
  • Self-adjusting Full Gauge Range
  • Oil Bath Reducer Drive
  • 24” Infeed Table
  • Hardened Tool Steel Guides


CR8 with Tri Plex and Pittsburgh

Note! Shown without guarding.

TriPlex  20-26 Pittsburgh

 CR8 with Triplex & Pittsburgh

Qty in stock: 1

The Model CR8 is the work horse of the Ductformer Line. This machine is configured with Triplex and Pittsburgh Roll Tooling.


    • Triplex
      20-28 Gauge Male Flange
      22-28 Gauge Standing Seam
      22-28 Gauge Tap-In-Lock
    • Pittsburgh 20-26 Gauge
    • Full Oil Bath Gear Reducer
    • Sealed Roller Bearings
    • All Gear Drive
    • Full Hardened Tool Steel Infeed Guides
    • Speed 85 Feet Per Minute
    • 5 H.P. 240/480 V, 60 Cycle, 3-Ph
    • Fully Enclosed Machine Base
      69” Long x 24” Wide x 40” Tall
      34” Pass Line
    • Shipping Weight: 900 Pounds


CR8-CF Cleat Edge Former

Cleat Form L-Duct

Drive Edge Formed L-Duct


Drive Edge Formed Wrap Duct

CR8-CF Cleat Edge Former

Qty in stock: 1

Ductformer Model CR8-CF Cleat Edge Former is designed to form the Drive Cleat Flange on the end of the Duct in a single pass through operation.


    • Forms 180º Drive Cleat Hems on Pre-Notched Blanks
    • Use for L-Shape and Full Wrapper Duct
    • Also forms 180° Hems for Pans
    • 18-26 Gauge Capacity
    • 24” Full Hardened Tool Steel Infeed Guides
    • 5 Hp. 220/440 Volt / 3 Phase
    • Air Actuated
    • 50 FPM Line Speed
    • Simple, Reliable Rollform Design
    • All Sealed Roller Bearings
    • Heavy Duty Oil Bath Gear Reducer
    • All Gear Drive
    • High Efficiency Motor


CR12-TDFC Rollformer

TDFC PartTDFC - CLIP Profile

CR12-TDFC w/ Clip Roll Tooling

Qty in stock: 1

Ductformer’s TDFC Rollformer comes with Edge Form Flange Rolls and Short Part Feed Roller Track. The Flange can be formed on Straight Duct and Fittings utilizing Standard Corner Flanges and Clips. The TDFC Design Simplifies Fabrication of Medium and High Pressure Duct.


  • 12 Forming Stations
  • 24 Inch Infeed Table
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Hardened Tool Steel Infeed Guides
  • All Gear Drive
  • Self-adjusting Full Gauge Range
  • Oil Bath Gear Reducer (Standard)
  • Heavy Duty Spindle Shafts
  • Anti-friction Roller Bearings
  • Short Part Feed to 6 Inch (Standard)
  • Smooth, Quiet & Dependable Operation


TDFC Power Brake

TDFC Power Brake

Qty in stock: 4

The TDFC Power Brake is designed specifically for bending the 90° bends on rectangular duct work. It is an extremely efficient tool to use for bending straight duct joints and fittings for Full Wrapper or L-Shape Duct with TDFC style (F style & C style) flange connectors. One (1) operator can quickly and easily slide a part into the machine and align the notches in an instant on the alignment blade located on the bending line.


  • Forms TDFC Duct & Fittings
  • Forms 16 Ga. Duct up to 5’ in Length
  • Eliminates Segment & Set-Up Change Overs
  • Forms TDFC Fittings in Half the Time
  • Infinitely Variable
  • Forms Two Piece & Full Wrapper Duct
  • Built-In Notch Guide for One Man Operation
  • Heavy Duty All Steel Construction
  • Quiet Smooth Pneumatic Forming Cycle


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