Sheet Metal Duct Fabrication Machinery

Ductformer manufactures Sheet Metal Machinery for Duct Fabrication including Sheet Metal Forming Machines, Rollformers for TDFC Duct Flange Connectors (C style and F style), Slip & Drive, Cleat Formers, Pittsburgh / Snap Lock seaming, Automated Rollforming Lines, Sheet Metal Bending & Folding Machines, Edge Rollers, Sheet Metal Toggle Lock & Clinching Machines and Automated Duct Coil Lines.

TDFC, CR8 series rollformers for duct joints, duct seams, connectors and cleats
 TDFC Power BrakeBending Machines
TDFC-BRAKE for bending / folding duct sections
 Duct Coil LineDuct-Lines / Coil-Lines
Ductformer offers fully automated Duct Coil Line Systems.
 Clinching MachineFastening & Clinching
Toggle Lock fastened sheet metal, replaces rivets and spot welds
 Ductformer Logo Duct BeaderBeading Machines
 Special MachinesSpecial Machines
If you have a special requirement for forming and fabricating sheet metal products we can offer specialized solutions.
Pittsburgh MachineUsed Machinery

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